The Potter Mania

Though most self righteous people would love to smirk at the very mention of the ‘chosen one’ that most of the bookcrazy world is talking about, I tend to believe (with no evidence to the contarary) that there are only two kinds of people in this world – those who have read and loved the Harry Potter series and those who have never read it.

In a world where pretense and pseudo intellectualism (including mine) carry its own charm, it’s not surprising to find a good number of people, never having read Ms. Rowling’s amazing account of wizards and witches, ridiculing her as a mere ‘media hype’. Some argue (most never bother) that they have watched the movie and “it’s not that great”. To them my answer is – nothing. For, it is evident that such people have never read a book (except maybe a Reader’s Digest abridgment) and i can surely vilify them here – for they would certainly never be crazy enough to read this page.

To all those who do not belong in that category – my empathies. And a suggestion – given the suspense that drives one while reading the Potter books for the first time, you will be surprised to discover wonderful new insights into the magical world in your second reading. But wait! Save them for the times when you are down. Its the best stressbuster ever.

Happy reading and happy waiting for the next one (July 21 is the release day, by the way).

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