On the stack

This is my proposed reading list for the coming months. Anyone having read any of these titles is most welcome to share their view about how they liked them.

  1. The Lesson of the Master Henry James
  2. The Fall Albert Camus
  3. The Elements of Style Strunk and White
  4. Sophie’s World Jostein Gaarder
  5. Peer Gynt Henrik Ibsen
  6. Eats, Shoots & Leaves Lynne Truss
  7. Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev
  8. No Exit and Three Other Plays Jean Paul Sartre
  9. Relativity Simply Explained Martin Gardner
  10. The Province of Jurisprudence Determined John Austin

Shall also post my experience after having read them, post 30th May. In the meantime, other posts might follow, provided exams permit.

3 responses to “On the stack

  1. Have you read Colm Toibin’s The Master, a novel based on part of Henry James’ life?

    I just dug out my old copy of The El;ements of Style the other day and I’ve been reading it.

  2. Hmm…nope. Haven’t read The master. Should check out on my next visit to the bookstore. Elements of Style is evergreen. I always wonder how so much wisdom could be compressed into so little a book. The other style guide I like is the Chicago Manual. Do you use any other?

  3. I use the Chicago Manual as well, almost a very old, beaten-up, dog-eared copy of the St. Martin’s Handbook which I believed I found in my partner’s garage.

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