On Life After Death

Recently answered the question, “If you were to die tomorrow, where would you be?” at The Thought Revolution.

I answered thus :

Little explanation needed – If I was to die tommorrow, where would I be – after death or today?Presuming, it is the the former.After death, I would be nowhere. No life after death for me, if I were to believe my convictions. However, if one believes in the romanticism of staying alive in the ideas, creations, and words that one leaves behind for generations – well, without mooting that romanticism, I have no problems accepting that. But in that sense, where would I be is not a question that I could answer – for, no matter what I think my contribution has been, my legacy will stay in the form and perception of others. Ergo, where I will be after I die, if at all I stay in whatever form, will be for the rest of human population to figure out (that does not please me, but I accept it as the only logical conclusion).

The Dreamist replied thus :

Can you really entrust your soul to the memory of others? Sounds very uncomfortable and risky to me.Then again, its interesting how you came to a conclusion that you do not buy yourself, but yet have no choice to accept due to your logic. Does it not prompt you to re-examine other’s answer to this question carefully, or perhaps even rethink your own reasoning? Perhaps you can join me in constantly verifying whether I would end up in heaven or not.

My reply to that was:

I agree it’s not a comfortable feeling to live with – that your memory, or to use a very preposterous word, legacy – depends on others’ perception. And I am all for reviewing my logic. But as of all the reasoning I have today, without a leap of faith, I cannot bank on a life after death. And I do not have enough basis to make that leap. That’s where I stand – as of now

And therefore to get more insights and more views, I pose to you the same question:

If you were to die tommorrow, where would you be?

3 responses to “On Life After Death

  1. booksandmusings

    When I die – where will I be? Interesting though is irrelevant for me today. I think the more important question is “what” will “I” be when I die. What is this I and where does it vanish after death? I think that is the real question. Once you hvae answered that, you would be able to answer the where. I feel this is a subject that should be left to fate, because its relvance and the truth are both matters that will be understood only after the final day – the occurence of death. After that day,it would be impossible for you in your present form to answer it. As far as the way you live on after your death in generations to come – it cannot even be of concern. Its your life and the legacy that you leave may be of some manifestation that will remain despite what people think in their head. The greatness of your life cannot be hidden, if i exists. What the next generation would make of it is as speculative as trying to answer the question – If i die tomorrow where will I be?

  2. I’ve got to come back to this question. But I’m curious if you’ve read Dante? I’m sure you do.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, but have not read him. Have wanted to for a long time, so can you suggest which one to start with?

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