After long, went berserk once again with book shopping. What triggered it was an email from flipkart informing me that Summertime by Coetzee, recently shortlisted for this year’s Booker, was available. A picture is worth thousand words. Not in the picture are Death On The Installment Plan by Louis-ferdinand Celine and Greenpeace: How A Group Of Journalists, Ecologists And Visionaries Changed The World by Rex Weyler ordered online at Flipkart.

The Latest Acquisitions

The Latest Acquisitions


  1. Oh my gosh! There is nothing more fun than coming home with a bunch of new books.

  2. Glad you are back! I love it when I come home with piles of books, too!

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  4. I am jealous of you 😛

  5. Just curious, did you ever read Julian Barnes’ Nothing to be Frightened Of? Just wondering what you thought of it. I’m constantly bumping into it at the library but have yet to actually check it out.

    • Hi Arulba,

      I did read around 60% of it. It is a breezy conversational book on about…well everything. But predominantly, it is a musing on the question of life from the point of view of death. A mid-life crisis when the obviousness of your immortality hits you, if I may say so. Next time you travel, it could be an interesting yet light read.

  6. I ordered this from – nice book…

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  9. Trying and expecting Some new books with great writing….

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