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On Life After Death

Recently answered the question, “If you were to die tomorrow, where would you be?” at The Thought Revolution.

I answered thus :

Little explanation needed – If I was to die tommorrow, where would I be – after death or today?Presuming, it is the the former.After death, I would be nowhere. No life after death for me, if I were to believe my convictions. However, if one believes in the romanticism of staying alive in the ideas, creations, and words that one leaves behind for generations – well, without mooting that romanticism, I have no problems accepting that. But in that sense, where would I be is not a question that I could answer – for, no matter what I think my contribution has been, my legacy will stay in the form and perception of others. Ergo, where I will be after I die, if at all I stay in whatever form, will be for the rest of human population to figure out (that does not please me, but I accept it as the only logical conclusion).

The Dreamist replied thus :

Can you really entrust your soul to the memory of others? Sounds very uncomfortable and risky to me.Then again, its interesting how you came to a conclusion that you do not buy yourself, but yet have no choice to accept due to your logic. Does it not prompt you to re-examine other’s answer to this question carefully, or perhaps even rethink your own reasoning? Perhaps you can join me in constantly verifying whether I would end up in heaven or not.

My reply to that was:

I agree it’s not a comfortable feeling to live with – that your memory, or to use a very preposterous word, legacy – depends on others’ perception. And I am all for reviewing my logic. But as of all the reasoning I have today, without a leap of faith, I cannot bank on a life after death. And I do not have enough basis to make that leap. That’s where I stand – as of now

And therefore to get more insights and more views, I pose to you the same question:

If you were to die tommorrow, where would you be?