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Time to Shed the Atheist Tag

No. I have not found new evidence or scheme of thought to change my belief about existence of god. But I have decided to let the atheist tag stay away from me. Some of the reasons are similar to my other post sometime back.

The more I read the sermons of the atheists and their explanations, lectures, logic, or whatever it may be called, the more it looks like shaping into a religion. Like some call non-believers kafirs, atheists have started calling believers faith-heads. I must make myself clear – my not being able to believe in the existence of god is a rational choice. To make myself believe despite my understanding of things would be intellectual dishonesty.

My objection to religion is more primary. I have no difficulty in rejecting any and every religion, for it entails giving up freedom. No one, and I mean no one, shall have the right to preach values to me, let alone prescribe a lifestyle. What formalities should I go through in order to accept a woman as wife, what should I do before I name my child – come on, I would rather not live than let you tell me how to. It is insulting that religion is associated with the absolute concept of good that people have termed god. If we accept god as some sort of an absolute good (and not a person or a particular form, just an idea maybe), then religion is farthest concept in human civilization to be associated with god.

Most of the proclaimed atheists have silently started forming a sort of religion. A religion with no god, no place of worship, no prayers. These are not the essentials of religion. The essential characteristic is the attempt to replace individual freedom and intellectual reasoning with that of a group. I have read many (and I mean a lot) atheists (the proclaimed ones) explaining to the ‘young’ as to how they should figure out the non-existence of god. As to what atheism really means, what are its beliefs, etc. etc. Well, I am no part of those beliefs, even if everything you say may match what I think. Reason being, I did not give you the right to spell out beliefs on my behalf. If I said I was a Christan, there are n number of things that get associated with me without the decency of even informing me about it, let alone asking. Same stands with any other religion. Atheism is becoming one of them. Agnosticism is next. Therefore, I shed the tag. I do not believe in god in the name of intellectual honesty. Please don’t coin intellectualism as the next religion. Lay off!