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Preaching Atheism : A Contradiction In Terms

Recently read and heard a lot about Richard Dawkins and it made me ask myself, “Why is it that despite not being a ‘believer’, I don’t really enjoy the sermons of these atheists?”

I concluded, after some introspection and analysis, that atheism is a belief that cannot be preached. As Richard Bach explains in his book One, if you preach any belief, it ends up becoming a religion.

The question of god is a primary one. But that does not mean that it essentially has an answer. Before one embarks upon constructing a set of values, a philosophy on which to live by, this question, however, needs to be settled in one’s mind for one to move further. And therefore, one has to go by a device known as presumption.

One may presume there is no god, based on his logic, rationale, or other experiences. However, after having presumed so, one cannot go ahead and start preaching it in seminars and classrooms. I strongly believe that faith in god, or it’s absence is essentially a personal choice. There is neither enough arguments nor proof on either side to conclusively prove or disprove the possibility of god’s existence. Therefore, the question must be left to personal belief, reasoning, and choice.

I am an atheist, and I don’t think there is anything to be proud or ashamed of about it. It is a belief, a deduction, an answer that I have derived for myself. But if I start calling names to those who believe in god, or religion, I am fostering another religion – a religion without god. Atheist fundamentalism is precisely what the world does not need today. Let’s stick to our basic premises.